This is a precise representation of the ancient Greek temple, the Erechtheion, located on the north side of the Athens Acropolis. The model delineates the distinct architecture of the Erechtheion, which differs from conventional Greek temples in its incorporation of multiple holy enclosures. Included in the representation is the Caryatid Porch on the southern side, identified by the six maiden statues, the Caryatids, serving as supportive columns for the structure. The model also highlights the north porch, remarkable for its four Ionic columns.

The temple's eastern section, primarily dedicated to Athena Polias, is effectively represented in the model. It also includes a modelled olive tree, an emblematic representation of Athena's sacred endowment to Athens. The western section, on the other hand, symbolizes the sanctuaries of several deities, inclusive of Poseidon-Erechtheus and Hephaestus.

The convoluted organization of these divine spaces, as depicted in the model, provides an inkling into the religious practices and mythologies associated with ancient Athens. As such, the architectural peculiarities observed in the Erechtheion and captured in this model parallel the physical terrain and spiritual credence of the time.

Constructed out of premium, matte-finished, plastic, the relic imitates the original temple's marble material hailing from Mount Pentelicus. The model further mimics the weathered colors of the authentic structure, connecting visual similarities between the two.

Constructed between 421 and 406 BC, during the Peace of Nicias, the Erechtheion pays homage to its namesake, the mythological King Erechtheus. The temple is a masterpiece of classical Greek architecture, captured faithfully in this 3D model.

Acropolis Museum