The King List from the Temple of Ramesses II is fragments of relief carvings that featured a series of hieroglyphics, arranged in chronological order to depict the lineage of Egyptian pharaohs. Inscribed in cartouches, the text includes notable physical characteristics, such as an embossed appearance, resulted from the stone carving technique.

Constructed from the regionally available limestone, the stela exhibits a muted beige hue with sporadic darker spots and subtle grooves, signs of its significant age. Despite millennia of existence, the inscription remains quite legible.

Crafted around the period of 1279-1213 BC, the list consists of the names of 76 kings, personally chosen by Ramesses II, commencing with Menes of the First Dynasty and terminating with Ramesses II. The deliberate omission of certain rulers, including those connected with the controversial Pharaoh Akhenaten, was likely an effort to substantiate Ramesses II's rule and lineage.

British Museum
Temple of Ramesses II